Traditional Chinese Painting 国画班

Meet Our Teacher 国画讲师

May Du 杜晓宇

  • Member of the North America Artist Association


  • Artworks Display at the 4th Canada Annual Artwork and Painting Exhibition


  • Semi-executive director of the Canadian Chinese Painting and Calligraphy association 


  • Founder of the “Xiao Feng Mu Yu” Art Studio


  • Master of Education from Simon Fraser University


  • Teacher of Public Benefit Chinese Painting class at Vancouver Hanfu Association


Growing up in an artistic family may have been learning to paint from her grandfather (painter & calligrapher) ever since a little girl. Her skills and passion

 for art continues to grow when she followed her beloved mentor Chen Zhuo (Chinese artist & painter). After years of persistence and endeavor, May

 become a professional Chinese collaborate-style painter and she is especially good at painting plants and flowers, beauty from ancient times, and scenery. 

In her artwork, she continues trying to combine the traditional Chinese painting style with the new-age international painting skills and techniques, which

 makes her painting both of artistic collection value as well as perfect for home decoration.

Learning Details

How to use the Chinese painting brush correctly and how to do gentle strokes that create a soft and gradual illustration.

How to combine and mix different colors of Chinese paints to create the desired artistic effects as well as the practical theory of color circle spectrum which is essential for many different art forms.

How to compose a picture and combine different elements to make the painting more artistic and appealing.