Our Philosophy

We emphasis on interaction, conversation, the language use, rather than learning about the language itself.

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Positive, play-based learning is recommended by the BC Early Learning Framework.


We believe that children learn language through play. They learn how to interact with their environment and discover their interests through singing, storytelling and engaging in hands-on activities.


We believe that interactive learning actively engages the students in wrestling with the materials. It develops problem solving and critical thinking skills.


Customized learning based on individual strenghts, needs, skills and interests. We combine immersive content, engaging classroom experience and use a child-centered approach to acknowledge the student’s voice.

We use simplified language to make sure students in a level of language can understand.


Content Based Learning

We connect families to show how their children work as well as their learning progress in class. We share course-related learning resources each week.

We use fun, research-based, multi-sensory strategies to help children develop their second language at a early stage, including Lively Characters,  various ‘immersion camps’ and fun workshops.



Health & Safety

Your child’s health and safety are our top priority. Our centers have strict guidelines for cleanliness and security.


All of our centers include:

Canva - 儿童