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MandoKids Scholars

  • Reading and Literacy Program 

On top of our regular circle time, our program offers daily literacy time to provide children with a sense of words and sentences and builds sensitivity to the sound system so that children can acquire phonological awareness and phonics. Our curriculum is inspired by Maria Montessori, reading is taught with the ‘phonetic’ method – learning the sounds of the letters in preparation for reading and word building.

  • Early Creative Writing Program 

Our early creative writing program provides Early Creative Writing, such as journaling, Alphabet and Chinese character worksheets, and name tracing. It encourages fine muscle development and eye-hand coordination and also helps children process sensory information critical to the writing process.  

  • Mandarin Program 

Our Mandarin program will be taught based on children’s levels with various kinds of creative activities, songs, art and games. Children will learn to understand and speak in Mandarin, and to read and write simplified Chinese characters. We use gestures, props, pictures and other interactive communication techniques to help children to learn Mandarin in a fun and relaxing environment. 

Benefits of Bilingual Education 

  •  Increase Cultural Sensitivity: help children to  respect for people of other cultures and traditions
  •  Long Term Benefits: Provides children with more choices for advanced education and career options.
  • Enhanced Cognitive Skills: Studies by Harvard University confirm that the creativity, critical thinking skills, and flexibility of the mind are significantly enhanced if children learn a second language at a younger age. Preschool years, especially the first three years of life, are believed to be a vital period in a child’s life. This is when the foundations for attitudes, thinking, and learning, among others, are laid down.


How is English impacted?

  • Increases cognitive abilities, critical thinking, and creative thinking. 
  • Develops an understanding of how languages work which leads to improved English literacy.
  • Enhances communication skills in students’ first language.
  • Improves overall student performance.
  • Makes learning additional languages easier.

MandoKids Innovators

  • STEM Program 

     STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math education. Our STEM program is carefully designed by our experienced educators based on children’s interests. Despite its intimidating name, STEAM activities are simple yet practical experiences that encourage a preschooler’s natural sense of curiosity. Children are positioned to learn foundational concepts, such as problem-solving skills, communication skills, collaborative skills, and more.

  • Singapore Math Program 

Our Singapore math program contains three steps: concrete, pictorial and abstract. The framework of Singapore Mathis developed around the idea of learning to problem-solve and develop mathematical thinking. Children will engage in a hands-on learning experience by handling and counting real objects, such as manipulatives. Our curriculum will teach children fundamental concepts such as textures, colors, differentiation, and etc. 

  • Outdoor Exploration Program 

Our outdoor exploration program contains active, stimulating, and hands-on activities. Children have plenty of time to explore the natural world. Our curriculum teaches children to appreciate the natural world and our responsibilities related to its preservation. 


MandoKids Creators

  • Drama and Arts Program 

Our Drama and Arts Program facilitates creative dramatic play and creative art time. All activities are designed based on children’s interests. Our program helps children to build self-confidence. They will think outside the box, explore outside of their comfort zone. By using different art materials, children develop fine motor skills whilst learning to freely express themselves. We document children’s work to enhance children’s learning from their projects and experiences. Documentation of children’s ideas, thoughts, and feelings is a great way to stimulate memories of experiences. 

  • Yoga and Well-being Program

Our yoga and well-being program is a great way to help children develop self-confidence, a sense of wellbeing, and the chance to explore their creativity through endless possibilities of play. It allows little ones to develop their social skills, express ideas, communicate and practice mindfulness all of which can support them into their adult life.


MandoKids Ambassador

  • Cultural Integration Program 

Through cultural exposure, children develop an awareness and appreciation for the diverse multicultural community that make up Canada. Through cultural activities, children engage in the history and traditions of not only Canada itself but also the diverse cultures that make up the world. Our Culture Integration Program offers regular field trips, neighborhood walks, festive celebrations and potluck parties with participating families. These activities are designed to promote socio-emotional development and cooperation.