Attendance Policy

If you’re interested in learning more, you may read the following detailed information.


It is the parent’s responsibility to report each and every absence. Please call the school office before 8:00 am and provide the student’s name and grade level. Your call will be recorded on the answering machine (24 hours a day) or handled directly by office personnel. In order to obtain the best possible education, it is important that students attend class on a daily basis and arrive on time. Regular classroom participation is necessary to achieve the best possible learning situation for every student. This policy statement has been developed to encourage good attendance and to discourage tardiness. Our goal is to maximize every student’s opportunity to learn. Attendance is the responsibility of parents and students. Students under the age of 16 are required, by law, ARS 15-803, to attend school. A student must attend class regularly to receive a passing grade. A student who is absent from school more than 4.5 days per quarter and whose absence has materially affected academic progress, may receive a lower grade or be retained at the discretion of the school administration

Excused Absences

  • Illness: A doctor’s/parent note of reason for absence is required for your student’s attendance file.
  • Medical appointments or treatments: Will require a doctor’s note for the student’s attendance file.
  • Religious holidays: A parent note is required for the student’s attendance file
  • Death: A parent note is required for the student’s attendance file.
  • Personal or family emergency: A parent note is required for the student’s attendance file.

Unexcused Absences

  • Family vacations.
  • Non-Medical appointments.
  • Babysitting.
  • Absence for any other reason that does not meet the criteria of an excused absence.
  • A student who is absent from school without notice.

Early Release

Parents are requested to schedule appointments after 3:15 p.m. to avoid the need for an early dismissal. If it becomes necessary for the student to be released from school for a doctor/dental appointment or other unavoidable emergencies, the following procedure should be followed:

  • Parent/Guardian will need to send a handwritten note to school (or call the school) that states the student’s first and last name, date and time of release, and the reason for the early dismissal. The student is to bring this note to the office before school begins.
  • All students must be signed out by a parent/guardian (or someone designated by the parent/guardian on the emergency card) in the office before leaving the building.
  • The written note will be kept in the students attendance file.


Being on time is a life skill important to each student’s future, and schools share the responsibility to teach the importance of this skill. Tardiness of individual students interrupts instructional time for all students. Promptness to class allows the teachers to begin the instruction on time for everyone. Tardiness to class is defined as not being physically in the room at 8:00 am.
  • Three tardies is equal to 1 unexcused absence
  • Three unexcused absences due to tardiness will result in a 7:00 am detention on the following school day.
  • If tardiness continues suspension from school will be at the discretion of the administration.

Student’s Responsibilities

To attend school daily, on time and participate fully. The student who has been absent has the responsibility for securing and completing make-up assignments. The class work must be made up within a specific time period equaling one day make-up per one day absence. In case of a pre-arranged absence, the class work is due the day the student returns to school. All work not made up within the time limit will be graded zero.

Administrator’s Responsibilities

  • To review the attendance of students and to contact parent/guardian when a student has excessive absences.
  • To take appropriate steps, to insure that students attend school in a timely manner on a regular basis.
  • 5 (five) absences: Parents will be notified of days absent and reminded of the need for regular attendance by letter or telephone.
  • 10 (ten) absences: A mandatory meeting with parents and principals will be held to develop an intervention plan regarding attendance. The intervention plan will be pro-active and problem solving in nature.
  • 18 (eighteen) absences could result in retention (4.5 per quarter).

COVID-19 Policy

Mando Kids Early Learning has created the safety plan to outline the policies, procedures and guidelines to prevent the spread and transmission of the COVID – 19 virus. These are based on the Fraser health and the provincial health guidelines about the COVID – 19 spread. We will make new adjustments to these as per new guidelines issued late by the above authorities.

Drop off

All drops offs will be at the door and no Parents/Guardians will not be permitted to enter our daycare center during hours of operation. Sign in/out sheets will be kept in the center and will be filled out by a teacher. Our regular hours of operation are 7:30 am to 6:00 pm Monday to Friday. Hours of operation are subject to change as needed for cleaning the center or any provincial changes. Children and Staff will be asked to wash their hands upon arrival. Parents must inform the center staff that their child has not been given any fever reducing medication on arrival. Appropriate signage has been placed at the door and window educating parents on COVID-19 We are following a Pandemic/Outbreak cleaning procedure with more frequent cleaning and sanitizing in all areas of the center. High traffic areas such as doorknobs, handles, and doorbells will be cleaned as frequently as possible.


Staff are encouraged to spread themselves out while working together in the center whenever possible by leaving 2m distance between them. Children and Staff will be asked to wash their hands after outside time, after toileting, before and after eating and before leaving for home. Anyone displaying any symptoms relating to illness (fever, cough, sneezing, etc.) will be sent home immediately and asked to stay home for the duration of illness. Anyone who has or is in contact with someone tested positive for the virus and who has travelled outside of the province or country in the last 14 days must stay home in self-quarantine for a minimum of 14 days. Our center has a designated “safe” space for any child or staff who falls ill or displays any symptoms. This space is away from operations and will be sanitized after the person/child is able to go home. Outside play is encouraged as much as possible at this time. Teachers are encouraged to plan routines to support outside time as much as possible. Toys will be sanitized before being put back onto the floor for use. Staff members are asked to be mindful of the language they are using surrounding “Pandemics” or “COVID-19” and refrain from using negativity or fear induced language when speaking directly to or in front of children. Staff are encouraged to take opportunities to educate children when possible about proper hand washing techniques, ways to cover coughs/ sneezes, and any other appropriate health and safety. All daily use items will be sanitized daily. Please ensure that you have read and understood the policies to prevent the spread of COVID- 19 virus and to keep our self and our families safe.