How to Apply


1) Please selecte the Apply button and filling out the application, press submit to send your application to school administration.
2) Please pay the $100 ($150 sibling) application fee and send a copy of your child’s birth certificate or passport to the school to complete the application process and you will be “waitlisted” until space becomes available or until your preferred start date.
3) If at any point you wish to change your preferred start date or your preferred location, please advise the school at your earliest convenience.


1) Prior to your start date, you will receive an email inviting your read parent handbook and preparing the following documents in the handbook. The following documents must be completed and handed to the administration.
2) You need to sign the parent handbook and send it back to us.
3) You may print the Parent Package so that you can refer back to it at a later date. It is an important document that will help answer many questions you might have.

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Get ahead of the game by completing your application today, and we will call you to schedule your tour.
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1) Before your start date, a parent teacher meeting is scheduled to find out more about your child and how we can make their transition to our school as successful as possible. We will also discuss a specific gradual entry schedule for your child at this time.
2) Families will meet with the principal to review school policies.
3) Finally, families meet with the Administrator for: Postdated tuition cheques/First month E-transfer payment
4) Now, you and your child are prepared to begin!

Child Information

Parent Information